Partial list of chemical compatibility for FEP and PFA resins

FEP and PFA are virtually chemically resistant to all medias, however there are a few exceptions. Alkali metals such as elemental sodium, potassium, and lithium are to be avoided. These alkali metals remove fluorine from the polymer molecule. Extremely potent oxidizers such as Fluorine (F2) and related compounds (e.g. Chlorine trifluoride, CIF3) can be handled by FEP and PFA, but only with great care. Since fluorine is absorbed in the resins, the mixture becomes sensitive to a source of ignition such as impact. Other medias to avoid are 80% NaOH or KOH, metal hydrides such as borances (e.g., B2H6), aluminum chloride, ammonia (NH3), certain amines (R-NH2), imines (R-NH) and 70% nitric acid at temperatures near the suggested serivice level.


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