The Sealmor O-ring

is a jacket of FEP OR PFA encapsulating a core of either Viton©, Silicone, EPDM, Buna or stainless steel spring. Sealmor O-rings outperform traditional elastomeric Encapsulated O-Rings in hostile environments through their excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. They surpass the performance of solid Encapsulated O-Rings because they have both memory and recovery.

Three grades from Sealmor

Our standard TEFLEX O-rings are the most resilient. Depending on core material, they are suitable for operating temperatures from -80 to + 400 degrees F. Teflex O-rings resist almost all chemicals and retain their mechanical properties even during long hostile exposure. Teflex seals also have excellent dielectric properties, low coefficient of friction, flexibility, weather resistance, toughness and negligible moisture absorption.

TEMFLEX O-rings have all the basic properties of our Teflex O-rings, but with the capability of up to 500 degrees F continuous operation. Temflex seals also have additional strength and resistance to abrasion.

DYNAFLEX O-rings, the ultimate in strength and stability, have excellent flex life and superior impact resistance. Dynaflex O-rings are the best choice for high wear and high pressure applications. Dynaflex seals will operate to 300 degrees F continuous operation.

The Sealmor Part Numbering System

has been designed to follow a simple and logical format. When describing Sealmor O-rings in standard ARP-568 sizes, simply designate one of the three Sealmor grades followed by the letter S (silicone) or V (Viton) and the standard O-ring dash number. Please refer to the Sealmor ARP 568 O-ring chart.

Examples: TEFLEX-S-127, DYNAFLEX-V-232, TEMFLEX-HV-424. For hollow core engergizers add the "H" designator.

For non-standard cross-sections and sizes; designate the Sealmor grade, core material, cross-section and size.

Examples: TEFLEX-S170CS-4.350" ID, TEMFLEX-V250CS-6.434" OD, TEFLEX-HV375CS-9.985" ID

*Viton is a Registered Trademarks of DuPont Company