Insist On the Best

Viton® was introduced in 1958 and scientists and engineers have relied on DuPont and now DuPont Dow Viton® for its superior performance and unique properties ever since. However, DuPont Dow Elastomers is not the only company that manufactures FKM products. Many people in the industry incorrectly refer to any and all FKM elastomers as Viton®. As a result, you could end up with sealing products that are not the type of Viton® you need, let alone made of 100% virgin DuPont Dow Viton®. Products not made from DuPont Dow Viton® may fall short of the expected performance levels afforded by the stringent quality standards DuPont Dow has set for Viton®, which is manufactured at ISO 9002 registered facilities worldwide.

Q. Are all fluoroelastomers "Viton®" fluoroelastomers?

A. In a word, no. Only DuPont Dow Elastomers manufactures Viton® fluoroelastomer. Because Viton® is an established industry standard, many people incorrectly refer to any and all fluoroelastomers as Viton®. To ensure you're getting the highest quality fluoroelastomer available, insist on products made only with DuPont Dow virgin Viton®.

Q. Who can use the label "Made With Genuine Viton®?"

A. Only manufacturers who have signed a formal agreement with DuPont Dow can use this seal on their products. The manufacturers are selected carefully for their knowledge, their quality standards and for their ability to help you select the correct type of Viton® for your application. A well-written specification will communicate your needs to your supplier, who has up-to-date information about the variety of Viton® performance types and who can suggest the most cost-effective recommendation.